Welcome to the Co-op! We are excited to start our 10th season and are changing things up a little! At the beginning of each week on Monday, a list of available products is sent to all of our registered co-op members and newsletter recipients by e-mail. You will know we are open when you are able to login and add items to your shopping cart :) We also post we are open on our FB page.

Orders can be placed here on our website.

Welcome to the Dunedin Harvest Co-op’s Online Market!
In an effort to create a more sustainable local food source, we are using this online system to simplify the ordering process of local organic produce, plants and other natural healing products when they are available. Please join us by setting up an account and support our efforts by buying local organic food! Once you have an account you can place your orders easily online.

Unfortunately there is not an abundance of local organic food in Pinellas County at this time, so we are working to create a network of local people who have the common goal to change that. Our goal is to work together to produce and share the best quality food available so that we can heal ourselves using food as medicine – just like the rest of humanity has done for thousands of years! We encourage you to put down the remote control and pick up the pitch fork!

Dunedin Harvest Food & Garden Co-op
The Dunedin Harvest Food & Garden Co-op was founded by Bree Cheatham in 2009. This group is dedicated to organizing local community efforts in Dunedin and Pinellas County to create organic home gardens, micro-farms, community gardens, locally prepared foods and providing community education.

In July 2009 the Food Co-op was started by offering locally grown plants and honey to Dunedin residents and in October 2009 Bree started working with Sweetwater Organic farm in Tampa to offer locally grown Organic produce as well. Since that time, Bree and many selfless volunteers have helped grow the co-op each season since. With the continued support of the community the co-op has been able to grow large enough to be able to work with many local home growers and more local Organic Farms. Each season is a challenge and this season we need more help than ever before!

Join us now and help make Dunedin and Pinellas County a better, healthier place to live!