Img_3507 **Plant Food, Earthworm Castings/Vericompost
Grower: Blissfield Farms
Price: $5.00 ( 2 lb bag)
%> Available (Exact): 5

What are earthworm castings? They are really earthworm poop. Earthworms will ingest organic matter and what is excreted by the earthworm is called castings and contains microbes and natural plant hormones, making an extremely effective fertilizer. What is vermicompost? It is the compost that contains the castings. How will vermicompost benefit my garden: Excellent fertilizer for all plants – Much better than compost. Earthworm castings can provide 100% of plants fertilizer needs. Earthworm castings provide microbes that help plants take upnutrients. Will Not Burn Plants Castings contain natural plant growth hormones (auxins and cytokinins) causing plants to grow faster and develop better roots. Castings are low analysis (NPK) fertilizer but out perform chemical fertilizers with much higher analysis and without causing pollution from fertilizer runoff. Can be used as fertilizer for certified organic growers. Excellent for new or established landscape plants simply apply around root area. Excellent for lawns and golf courses. This product is produced by Black Star Organic Products LLC. This is the current brand of worm casting that co-op founder/farmer Bree Cheatham uses in her garden when she does not produce enough of her own worm castings.