Providence Cattle Company

Providence Cattle Company offers Grassfed beef for those that are looking for a healthy, earth friendly alternative to commercial store bought beef. Our beef is all locally raised and harvested and is free of antibiotics and hormone supplements.

After raising steers the traditional commercial way, using grain, we were asked to provide grassfed beef for one of our customers. We did extensive research on how to properly raise and finish steers that would deliver an incredible taste with just the right amount of marbling.

Realizing the amout of pasture land required to raise grassfed beef properly, we reached out to some of our rancher friends throughout Central Florida to assist.

Working with the ranchers, we monitor the herds and grasses to ensure that the steers gain weight naturally, and are finished on high protein legumes for just the right amount of time. These flowery grasses provide the natural Omega 3 fat that depict the health benefits of grassfed beef. It also provides the fat required for marbling that will assist in keeping the meat moist when cooking.

Over the last eight years we have been blessed with tremendous success in raising steers and transforming Providence Cattle Company from traditional beef to grassfed.

In addition, we always remember that all that we do is for Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (The Greater Glory of God).

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