Vic & Judy's Homegrown

Vic & Judy’s HomeGrown is situated in our Dunedin, Florida backyard. We are a Florida Dept of Agriculture certified nursery. Judy Ciaccia (The Tomato Lady) is a Cardiac R.N; Herbalist, Aromatherapist and a Licensed Skincare Specialist. Her interest in healing plants and herbs date back to her childhood in Rochester, New York. She mixed potions and concoctions for her natural playmates, the frogs, grasshoppers, etc; while the other children in the neighborhood played house. Judy’s varied natural interests rubbed off on her husband of 40 plus years, Victor. He is an educator in the Pinellas County Schools and fully supports her endeavors. We love the challenge of growing Heirloom Tomatoes each with their own unique shape, color and flavor. Cherokee Purple our personal favorite is a cultivar handed down from the Cherokee Indians. This “mouth watering” purple tomato is truly unique. Italian Tree a meaty red tomato dating back to the 1900’s has “that old fashioned tomato flavor” we remember from our childhood.

Our heirloom tomatoes are grown in a hydroponic medium of coconut mulch and pearlite. They enjoy a nutritional drink of seaweed, fish emulsion, and worm manure.

Big Rainbow Heirloom A joy to grow as well as to eat, this exciting heirloom is over the top in color, size, vigor, and flavor. When you want a really exceptional tomato, choose Big Rainbow. The fruit eventually reaches about 2 pounds!

Brandywine Heirloom Another great tomato with large potato leaves that has both a beautiful smooth skin and slightly flattened shape. Fruits weigh from 12 to 24 ounces. The taste is rich, complex and creamy. A real winner!

Italian Tree Heirloom Tomato is a red meaty tomato dating back to the 1900’s. It has that “old fashioned” tomato flavor that we remember from our childhood.

Orange Stripe Heirloom A contender for the world’s most attractive tomato; glossy mid-red fruits with irregular orange stripes. This heirloom tomato is relatively easy to grow with speedy germination and robust, vigorous plants.

Yellow Perfection Heirloom This potato leaf heirloom originally from an old British seed company produces 1 1/2 to 2-inch, round, brilliant-yellow, thin-skinned and delicious heirloom tomato fruits. And they are . . .Perfect!

Cherokee Purple Heirloom cultivar is a redish-dusky purple tomato plant that was given to the early settlers over 100 years ago by the Cherokee Indians. We love the real tomato flavor that is reminiscent of our childhood when a tomato had the old fashioned flavor.
This is our 6th year for growing Cherokee Purple in our Florida friendly locally grown environment. The indeterminent plant matures in 80-90 days if it wants to. You will marvel at the varied shapes and sizes that can tip the scale to a pound or more. Cherokee Purple will make your heart throb and your mouth water.

Purple Cherokees: when small tomato arrives on the plant, sprinkle with a crushed calcium pill (any kind will do). Also, feed your plant 1/4 teaspoon of epsom salt per gallon of water.

We grow an array of herbs and species for their medicinal and culinary uniqueness.

No chemicals or pesticides are used. During daily plant inspections, we pick off destructive insects and cover maturing tomatoes with netting. Although a time consuming process, it’s well worth it.

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